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How to Select the Best Grease Trap

A grease trap is very crucial to trap in solid and fats and allow water to pass through the drainage system properly. The following are some things to consider when buying a grease trap.

It is important to determine where the grease trap will be installed to help you choose a device that is right for you. If you have limited space and you want an indoor trap system, then you need a trap that will be attached beneath the sink. Hence, it is crucial that you measure your sink so that you can have an idea of the best design and size of grease trap to buy.

Nowadays, there are many trap designs in the market and it is therefore important that you consider the material used during your shopping. It is recommendable to choose a grease trap that is stainless because it will serve you for long periods and it can be used in most facilities.

Additionally, examine the size of the unit to ensure that it is perfect for your business. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of getting a large or small grease trap before deciding what is suitable for you. Although small grease traps are affordable and take less space, they can cause slow drainage because it takes time for grease to separate. Large traps are mostly located outside to prevent bad odor and they are more efficient for grease separation.

Purchase your grease trap from a highly recognized store to ensure that you get the best quality. Look for a store that specializes in providing trap equipment for commercial businesses. An experienced and competent store will have highly trained employees to advise you on the best device for your project. They should provide you with a wide array of designs and sizes so that you can choose one that is suitable for you. Before you making your buying decisions, compare prices of various dealers.

Similarly, make sure that you consider a knowledgeable company to do the installation. If the trap is poorly installed, it will be difficult to clean resulting to a bad odor and cause damage to the pipes. Also, they should be able to build in new grease traps as well as do repairs at an affordable cost.

Finally, you want to consider the maintenance of the equipment before you make any buying decisions. This will enable you to keep it in good conditions at all times. If a grease trap is not emptied as required, it can cause smell and blockage. Hire the services of a cleaning company that will use the right agents to remove grease on the pipes.