A Beginners Guide To Gardening

Tips on How to Make the Best Use of Leaf Mould at Your Garden

It is essential for a gardener to find the best way to maintain his or her garden especially during the freezing season however some methods can be very costly. The solution to this issue is finding other relatively cheap ways of maintaining the garden. If you own a garden you should get more information on how to use leaf mold. This means that you will be making the best use of the leaves you collect from your garden. Below is the most organic way to maintain your garden using leaf mold.

The first tip is to set up a place in your garden where you will be keeping all the leaves you collect instead of disposing of them. It is essential you acquire tools such as shovels and gloves so that you collect the leaves more easily and avoid injuries. You can also consider offering leaves collection services to your neighbors. This will help you to accumulate a huge pile of leaves.

Once you have accumulated the leaves the next step is shredding them. The easiest way of shredding the leaves into tiny pieces is by using your lawn mower. Shredded leaves will decompose more quickly thus the essence of this step.

The next tip is to acquire plastic bags that will be enough to store the pile of shredded leaves. The reason for using the plastic bag is that you can regulate the airflow and moisture. Once you have done this, you will store the bags with the leaves for the decomposition to take place within some days.

The next step is to spread the leaf mold all over the area of your garden that has plants. The decomposition process of the leaf mold helps in production of nitrogen which is important to all plants. Also the leaf mold covers your plants from the cold weather thus keeping them warm during winter.

Therefore you can save substantial amount of money by using leaf mold to maintain your garden during the winter season. The excellent thing about is method is that leaves are available in large quantities in many and people will actually pay you to collect leaves from their garden. You do not have to build an extra storage facility to store the leaf mold as you can even use your garage. If you aim to reduce the number of chemicals you use in your garden, then the use of the leaf molds is the best approach to follow.

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